When you go out to a bar, or dinner and look around, what do you see? A plethora of single men? Not on this planet. Women in New York outnumber men by over 200,000.  Unless you’re planning to bat for the other team, this is not good for us ladies.

This makes dating that much harder.  Not only is hard to find a suitor, it’s hard to beat out the competition to grab his attention.  We throw on our heels, hike up our skirts, poke out our booties, flip our hair (feel like a floozy yet? wait for it….) stick out our chests (there we go), only to find every other skank in this place is doing the same thing!!!

Forget the Westminster Dog Show! If you wanna see a show, go down to your local bar and watch the women compete for the few men that are worth getting.  It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and no one knows that better than women.  When there are 10 women for every man, it’s survival of the hottest out there!

We need referees at bars for women who cheat. A flag for every bare breast, thigh, and tight mini skirt.  A violation box should be set aside for  girls accused of unfair dating practices.  This is going to have to be a big box ;).

Love is hard…dating is harder