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I don’t think there is anyone who would know how hard dating is me than me. Maybe I don’t apply myself, maybe I’m scared of rejection, or maybe I don’t give a crap. All I know is that everyone wants to be happy. But who said that happiness needs to come from someone else? I’ve found that true happiness comes from within, and when it is at its most genuine.

So a project for you all. Date Yourself. Sounds easy right?  I’ve been trying to do it for weeks but you’ll find out soon enough how easy it is to put the needs of others before your own.


Every week you will have an assignment (don’t worry I promise these will be fun) and every week all you will be require to do is report back.

Week 1:  Make dinner (or get some take out if you’re challenged in the cooking dept)  and rent your favorite movie of all time, or a movie you’ve been dying to see. Sit comfortably with your tummy dinner, and enjoy the movie.

Two hours dedicated completely to YOU! Let me know how you feel after this exercise :).