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  1. Women who think all men cheat and lie.
  2. Women who think all the good ones are either married or gay (often what I tell my mother…she agrees).
  3. Women who think men never change.
  4. Women who think men will ever learn to put the seat down (unless he’s like my dad who has four daughters,  and a wife who will rip him a new one if he ever left the seat up, he will never learn).
  5. Women who think they will find a guy like the guy they read about in novels, and see in movies (they’re fictitious…snap out of it).
  6. Women who think showing a little cleavage and little leg will land the RIGHT guy…all you are doing is attracting the WRONG guy. (Dress like a woman, not a slut).
  7. Women who don’t (or won’t/don’t know how) to pump their own gas.  It’s 2012, you wanted equal rights ladies, part of that is not acting like a spoiled brat at the pump.
  8. Women who don’t know how to (or won’t) change their own tire. (See #7).
  9. Women who won’t admit their wrong.

These are things, I’ve been working on (I know how to change a tire now 🙂 ).  Number 1 will be the hardest to get over and it’s something that will always be in the back of my mind when (and if) I date.