44% of Adult Americans are single? I dont feel so bad now…But then again, shouldn’t all the single people hold some sort of pow-wow and get together instead of wandering the streets aimlessly?


Here we go again…delving back into reality today with interesting statistics pertaining to the search for love. Here are today’s statistics:

Did you know that…

44% of the adult American population is single. That’s over  100 million people folks, so your odds are actually much better than you think.

On average, there are 86 single men to every 100 single women in  America. So, the odds are slightly in favor of men finding a mate. This  ratio is a bit better in the Southwest, and in warmer climates such as Texas,  Florida, and California, the ratio in some cities actually favors the women.

50% of New York state adults are unmarried, making it the best  state for single people. Washington, D.C. actually boasts a 70% single  rate, making it the best area (although not a state) for single people. (I can vouch for this statistic!)  The states with the worst ratios are Idaho…

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