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This is really happening people…

Umm, I would have prepared a speech, but that would have been too cocky.  So….I’d like to thank God first and foremost. 🙂

No, really, I feel honored to be nominated for this award by SorryIAmNotSorry, and in doing so, there are few quick pro quos I must adhere to.

First, I must thank SorryIAmNotSorry for the nomination!

Second, I have to tell you 7 dirty little secrets about myself, and third, nominate other bloggers that I find hugely helpful in my day-to-day, and can’t live without their witty words, and sarcastic musings.

I bought a new outfit for the occasion and everything 🙂

Now, without any further delay, 7 things you wish you didn’t know about me:

  1. I don’t like to constantly shave my legs. I like to fantasize that I live out in the wilderness, and go Tarzan for months. Without a boyfriend, you’ll see that this is very do-able (almost too do-able).
  2. When I see people I know –I avoid them. Is that weird? I always thought everyone did that until I had a boyfriend that would make an actual effort to say hi to people he went to summer camp with in the 2nd grade. That’s weird.
  3. I meditate…I legit sit there and meditate. I am very Zen.
  4. I have to physically fight the urge to not correct someone when they pronounce a word wrong, or use it in wrong context. It’s “supposeDLY” not “supposeBLY”!!! Ugh…I have to go meditate!
  5. I will punch you if you eat with your mouth open, and/or suck your teeth in front of me. Seriously.
  6. I don’t like bandwagons, but oddly enough I will hop on when the bandwagon has dismantled. My way of really sticking it to them.
  7. I have no sense of direction. If we were together in the city, I should advise you to leave some wiggle room for getting lost. There was actually a time in college when I didn’t know my left from my right. Made a lot of wrong turns that year…

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…drumroll please…and the 15-20 Nominees are:

These are all amazing blogs that keep me laughing and thinking, and waiting on my toes for more.

Thank you again!