Just when I stopped looking at my phone anxiously waiting for some guy to call. Just when I’ve stopped expecting something to happen. Just when I’ve finally settled into singledom contently, I meet you in whirlwind of Irish lagers, green T’s, and four leaf clovers. Now other guys don’t compare. They’ve all seem to have lost their charm. I’d much rather be wasting time with you. Staying up late with you. Talking to you. All I can do is obsess over the time we met. Did I say something stupid? Did I write my number down correctly? Would he even remember me ? Am I just making this all up in my head? I’ve probably just been single for too long that I will take anything at this point. But I know I felt something and I know that that hasn’t happened in a long time. I don’t know if I would ever hear from you again but all I can do is think about the time when you call and I answer and we chat and you ask me on a date and its the start of something beautiful….maybe I am just fantasizing about what if’s and could be’s. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. You weren’t afraid to take my hand when I was scared to take yours. You took hold and held onto me tight while you led me through the crowd. You didn’t care that your friend might actually be looking for you. You stayed while my friends were trying to drag me out the door. Eventually, they won the tug of war, and I reluctantly left.

Just when I’ve given up, here you are.

Hopefully my Lucky Charm, we will meet again.