Let’s talk about what’s on everyone’s dirty little minds: SEX.  We all think about it. Even the biggest prudes think about it, and after the fact they do 30 Hail Mary’s and fast for a week. But sex is huge part of our lives and our culture. It’s a natural thing and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a beautiful, yummy, delicious way to show our attraction to another person through physical expression.

We base most of our relationships on physical attraction. You see a person, and in the physical world, we sum up the other person’s sex appeal in the first 5 seconds. Whether or not you would sleep with that person determines whether or not you will approach or reproach. Now that we’ve established that you think the other person is hot enough, and deserving of your presence and a few dinner dates, we can start thinking about when is it appropriate to jump this person’s bones without making the awful walk of shame?

So you meet this person, things are going well, and now all you can do is picture how they would look in their skivvies (or without, it’s your fantasy).  Now, what? Do you just let all your inhibitions go and jump into the sack whenever you’re feeling a little frisky? Everyone has a number. 1 month. 3 months. 6 months (God bless you).  Whatever your number is, it’s all a matter of respect, and not for the man, if you can believe it.

It’s all about women setting the precedent for themselves, and letting the man know that they are not this week’s flavor, and they are demanding they be taken seriously. Most girls give in too quickly because they are scared that if they don’t the man will lose interest. Even if he does, good riddance! For you to take a man seriously, he needs to respect your decision to wait a few weeks before taking it to the next level of intimacy. Withholding sex will either make or break a relationship.  Giving it up too soon could leave you vulnerable, and when we are vulnerable we can do some crazy things, ladies.

The first date is always off limits. NEVER under any circumstances put yourself in a position where you might find yourself sitting on his couch, or (god forbid) his bed. Say good night at the door, and call it a night.

If he sticks around after 4 weeks, you might want to reward him with some third action.  This will give him enough hope to hold on for another couple of weeks (I said a couple of weeks guys!)

AND THEN, if the poor schmuck is still hanging around, then go ahead, give it him. Give it to him good! He deserves it. And see where it goes from there.  If he bails, then he’s an asshole, a persistent asshole at that, but an asshole nonetheless.

I assure you girls, giving it up to keep a man around is a sure fire way to drive a man away. Keep it in your pants for just a few weeks! You might actually find a guy who is ga-ga over you!

Tell me your number! How long is long enough to wait before you give it up?