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He’s tall, handsome, older, and rich…very rich. And he’s interested in me. Yes, moi. He is my version of Mr. Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. He owns a mega-successful company, and has more money than God, problem is, he’s a client at the firm I work for. Herein lies my dilemma. My boss is pushing me on him, totally enthusiastic about the whole situation (which I find a little unnerving when your boss becomes too involved in your dating life). My boss is an older (wiser) woman, so it isn’t that creepy.Possible candidate to play Christian Grey in the upcoming movie

The first time I saw him was not at all how Ana felt about Mr. Christian Grey.  There was no static current between us, or anything for that matter. Actually, I hadn’t noticed him sitting there, while I made copies. As always, my mind was elsewhere, as he evidently stared me down.

I work in a relatively small firm, so we all take lunch at the same time.  I was sitting near my boss when he mentioned Mr. Black (my Mr. Grey).

My boss: “Mr. Black came in today, and asked about the new girl.”

I look up from scarfing down my delicious pasta, and I have to think twice about what he said. I’m the new girl!

Me: “Huh?” I say eloquently, still chewing on my pasta.

The mouths of all the women at that table dropped. I raise an eyebrow at them, clearly not impressed at the fact the Mr. Black finds me attractive. From what I saw, he looked like a regular guy. No biggie.

The women: “OMG, he’s so hot!! And he likes you?!”

Why is it so hard to believe that a guy whom they claim is so unbelievably hot would find a girl like me attractive?  I’m hot, too!

Me: “Oh, I guess he’s alright.” I say unapologetically.

Shouldn’t have said that. The women I worked for nearly had my head for that comment. apparently they talk about Mr. Black as if he were Brad Pitt around these parts. I finally admit that I did not get a good look at him, which was true, because I didn’t care to look (didn’t tell them that part, though).

The second time Mr. Black came into our office, I saw what everyone else saw.  I walked downstairs only to find this beautiful pair of eyes on this inexcusably beautiful face looking up at me. What a day not to be wearing make-up!

He tells me that the blinkers are on on my boss’s Mercedes, so I take her keys from her coat pocket and proceed to the lot behind the office. I sit in the driver’s seat of her car trying to gather myself and figure out what the hell just happened? Was that Mr. Black? The infamous Mr. Black? And if it was, CHRIST! was he gorgeous. I click off her blinkers and make my way back to the office. I say a quick thank you to Mr. Black as I make a mad dash up the stairs, and stumble into my boss’s office.

Me: “That’s Mr. Black?!”

My Boss: “I told you he was hot!” she says in her ‘You can think of me as your girlfriend more than a boss’ voice, but that’s never the case.

I take a seat on her cool leather seats, as she proceeds to tell me how she ran into him, and he was telling her all about how I’m his “type”.

This guys definitely has the hots for me, and as for me? He is older than me, but I have to see what level he’s on before I can make any judgments. I haven’t exactly been receiving offers from the most eligible bachelors as of late, so when a guy who looks like that, and has the confidence level that can make a girl like melt in his sexy palms, you gotta give him a chance….right?

Tell me your thoughts darlings…