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Now it’s time to update my darlings on my date with Mr. Black.

It was a date that will go down in dating history as one of the best dates I have ever been on.  I have to be honest here when I tell you that I did not have high hopes for this date. I was expecting an awkward and strenuous conversation over a dinner filled with excruciatingly long, silent pauses. But to my surprise, it was the complete opposite.

It was a whirlwind of nerves, emotion, and excitement, being swept to places I would never have gone if I hadn’t been out with him.

He pulled up in front of my house in his shiny white Range at exactly 7:55 pm. Five minutes early. Very nice. He text me to tell me he was outside and I was still in my sweatpants and oversized t-shirt I usually reserve for sleeping in on Sundays but my make up and hair was done and my outfit was laid out on my bed. I made him wait about 10 minutes while I put my white crop pants on and my royal blue sleeveless button down on. I threw on my leopard print mini heels on, gave myself one quick look over–gave myself the nod of approval–and headed out the door. (Quick Tip: Always make the man wait at least 5 minutes –Beauty takes time, and it’s also important that he doesn’t think you were waiting around for him to arrive.)

I opened the door and as soon as he saw me he smiled that gorgeous smile and I was reminded of just how dreamy he is. It had been a while since the last time I had seen him, and I had forgotten how good-looking he is.  He wore a light pink button down. The first 2 buttons were undone, and his shirt opened nicely at the collar. I noticed his cufflinks when we put his hand on the gear shift to pull away from my house.  Wow. He went all out.  I had to keep myself from looking directly at him. He was like the sun. His smile was hypnotizing. I thought the ride would be awkward while we each tried to find something to talk about, but surprisingly we talked all throughout the ride and we were making each other laugh, which helped calm my nerves.

We drove into the city, and pulled up to this uber-swanky sushi restaurant. As I descended from his SUV, I miscalculated the distance between his ride, and the street, and nearly fell flat on my face. Good thing he wasn’t looking and even better that I caught myself. I walk over to him as he hands the valet some money.  He turns and puts his hand out. I grab hold and he leads me across the street. I had to catch my breath for a second there because I was not expecting this kind of physical contact this early on in the date.  He led me through the restaurant and to the bar, holding on to my hand the entire time.  I felt so safe with him, especially when he put his hand on the small of my back while we ordered drinks from the bar.  We ordered our drinks and minutes later our table was ready.  I guess he had some pull in this restaurant.

We sat down, and he asked me what I liked. I told him I’ll eat anything as long as it isn’t spicy.  He ordered for me, which is something no guy has done for me on a date.  The food came out and it was delicious. The conversation was flowing so well that I didn’t notice the waiter standing there with a glazed lobster.

Me: “You ordered a lobster?!”

Mr. Black: “Yeah, you have to try it. They have the best lobster.”

He was right, it was good lobster. I couldn’t stop gazing into his eyes, and being completely amazed at him.  How is this man single?! He’s polite, takes control, handsome, sweet, funny, interesting.  What idiot woman let him go?

During dinner one his friends called and suggested we swing by the place they were hanging out at.  Of course he asked if it was alright with me, and I said yes.  Initially I thought it would be awkward to be thrown into the mix with his friends on a first date, but I adapt well to awkward situations, so I went with it.

We walked in, hand in hand, and made our way to the first table on the left. His friends immediately embraced me, one even took my hand to kiss it.  They made me feel like I’ve known them forever. Massive amounts of alcohol will do that to you. After giving me a warm hug, one of his friends hands me a shot. Mr. Black looks at me with worry, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to–.” I took the shot in one swig before he could even finish his sentence.  I have never been known to say no to a free shot. His friends, himself and I then made our way to the bar where there were more free shots. Mr. Black was pulled away by one of his friends, and I stayed with the man with the shots. We were talking and joking, and I felt totally comfortable, even though I was hanging out with his friends on our first date. For some reason I didn’t mind. As long as he was there, I didn’t care where or who we were with. Pretty soon his friend had to answer the call of nature, and headed to the little boys room. I leaned against the bar, as Mr. Black turned, and made his way back to me. God he was delicious.  He placed his hands at either side of me at the bar, and I was enclosed in his beautifully manly arms. I felt so small, and feminine.

As the night progressed, the space between us slowly diminished, and I found myself with my arms around him. I quickly pulled away, reminding myself THIS WAS THE FIRST DATE, get a grip. Although I pulled away, he didn’t. His arm was planted firmly around me, making me swoon like a teenager.

He looked at his watch, and told me he had to get me home. I wanted to scream “NO!!!” and bang my feet in protest like a child throwing a tantrum. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay there with him all night. Time seemed to fly by. But, alas, I had to show some restraint.

We walked out of the bar, and there was a driver in his car. We piled into the backseat, as he told his driver my address. He has a driver? Well, La-Di-Da. We started off with some distance between us, but as soon as we entered the tunnel, his arm was around me, and I was hugged closely to his chest. Now, I don’t remember much from the drive home (can you ever imagine why?), but I do remember turning to him to tell him something, when I found his lips on mine. That quickly shut me up. I kissed him back, long and hard, and didn’t stop until he pulled up in front of my house. I felt like throwing that tantrum now even more than before.

He walked me to my door, and we locked lips for the last time that night. I can’t explain how much I didn’t want this man to leave, and how much I didn’t want the night to end.

I stumbled into my room, vaguely remembering speaking to my sister on the way there.

My date with Mr. Black was one of the best nights of my life.  I am definitely looking forward to Date #2. Maybe it’ll be a bit more low-key, since now he knows he doesn’t have to put on a show to impress me.

Just to give you an idea of what I’m working with over here (minus the salt and pepper hair)

I am on Cloud 9 Darlings!!