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I was shopping with my friend and reflecting on my recent date with His Sexiness.  She tried to help me wrap my head around the ‘The Kiss’.  The kiss that left me baffled. After a nice day of watching football, and talking, His Sexiness walks me to my car, and kisses me on the cheek.  The only reason this left me wondering that something was wrong was because we had kissed before. I thought everything was going great and we were getting closer, so the kiss on the cheek clearly threw me for a loop.

So I needed some retail therapy to help me with my situation.

“He kissed you on the cheek?”

“On the cheek!”

“Are you sure he likes you?”

“I don’t know, but he wants to go bowling this Friday.”

“Okay, so look super cute so he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.”

“Good plan.”

I decided to search for a tight fitting top to show off my best assets.  It was harder than I thought to find.  Every store was cashing in on the ‘Hobo Chic’ style, and only carried loose fitting, hippie clothes. I was ready to give up and just go eat some nasty food court food, when my friend spotted a cute little boutique. I was thankful to find a white top with a deep V-neck  It wasn’t exactly as fitted as I would have liked, but it did divert his eyes in the right direction.

He picked me up for our date on Friday, and we were off to Lucky Strike in NYC.  It had great music, comfy couches to lounge on while you waited for your turn to bowl, and the dim lights made everyone look good.  Something happened while bowling. He started to loosen up.  He was more playful around me.  Making more physical contact, which I did not reciprocate. I let him touch my hand, or put his arm around my shoulder, but I was careful not to get too touchy feely myself. I was definitely getting a return on my investment on my new top.

Bowling was fun, and he was flirting like crazy. Even though I lost, I won in so many other ways. I got His Sexiness out of his comfort zone, finally! And he was starting to warm up to me. Needless to say, I got more than just a peck on the cheek when we parted ways that night.  Don’t worry, it was nothing more than a kiss.

He is super respectful, and I need to learn to respect that.  I’m not going to push him, because the world could use more guys like him.


xoxo  –Lovers!

Shoes Over Booze