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After yet another treacherous work week, I was looking forward to seeing His Sexiness and unwind a little, so when called me to hang out to watch some football (even though I don’t understand a bit of it) I was game.

Even though I am against driving anywhere to see a guy, I made an exception for this one.  He wanted to watch football, and he couldn’t come over my house, and I didn’t want to watch the game at some smelly bar filled with a bunch of guys yelling and screaming. So I sucked it up and drove out to his place.  Which was very nice by the way.  Talk about neat freak! He would have a brain aneurism if he ever came by my place.

We talked more than watch the game, and I got to know him a little bit better.  And it was funny, because I wanted to physically get closer to him. I hadn’t felt it before.  I mean, I liked him, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to physically get close just yet. But sitting there on his couch, talking made me want to…dare I say it: cuddle?

But being as respectful as he is, he didn’t touch me.  I couldn’t be mad.  I don’t want guys to constantly be all over me.  It puts the relationship in a place that is hard to come back from, so I appreciated that he took his time with me, and just sat there and just wanted to talk (even though the game was on).

When it was time to leave, he walked me to my car, and I was expecting a small smooch fest (dreaming). Maybe I was expecting a little too much from His Sexiness, because I definitely did not get what I wanted. I got just the opposite. He leaned over and gave me a kiss….on the cheek.

This threw me for a loop! We had kissed before, so why the sudden change in heart? I got into my car, and instantly check my teeth for food residue. I looked fine so what could it be? Was he just nervous? Whatever it was, I was baffled.

Even more baffled when asked me out for another date on Friday.  This is how the relationship has been going thus far.  Just when I think he’s not interested, he does the unexpected: ask me on another date. So I go with it.  Maybe he sees something I can’t. Whatever that is, I don’t mind sticking around to find out. 🙂