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As many of you know from reading my blog, I have been seeing a rather dashing Latino as of late. I am starting to get a little attached to this one, so I want to make sure I am doing everything right, before he decides that the holidays are better spent single. My attachment may have something to do with our recent adult sleepover–details of which shall not be disclosed (yeah, right! you know I’m working on that blog entry next!)

I am an avid reader, and recently picked up Giuliana Rancic’s (her name was Giuliana DePandi at the time of print) Think Like a Guy: How to Get a Guy by Thinking Like One.  It’s a great book, and Giuliana’s witty sense of humor pops out on every page.  She keeps it real in this book, giving girls tips on what to do and what not to do when we’re dating a guy.  For instance, take Tip #33 Don’t Be a Bad Drunk. I can’t say I’m the best drunk, but I’ve never needed a guy to hold my hair back while I blew chunks on the side of the road. I save that for nights gone hay-wire with my girlfriends (I know what you’re thinking, lucky friends I have).

However, there are a few tips I need some help on.  I am guilty of a few dating don’ts, but I’m hoping to rectify my short-comings and turn this ship around before he decides to jump ship.


Guilty! I love Astrology, meditation, tarot cards, and anything spiritual.  I can’t help that I love to buy books on these topics.  I don’t know why men get turned off by this, but this is one of things that make me ..me! I can easily recite the 12 astrological signs. It’s not weird, I promise, it’s pretty cool.

Tip #20 Periods Shouldn’t Suck

Guilty again.  I know this kind of information is on a need-to-know basis for, say my OBGYN. Sometimes I slip and tell the guy I’m seeing that the shop is closed for business this week, and after seeing him cringe, I know I will not be hearing from him again.

Tip #19 Avoid a Purely Textual Relationship

Can I just say that texting is convenient, and can be really fun, but trying to be coy and cute in text just doesn’t work. The transition from texting to actual phone calls needs to happen soon, or I might be in texting territory forever! Ahhh!

Tip #30 Wax

Sometimes I get lazy! and it hurts…

Tip #36 Learn to Love Football

I really can’t stand a man’s obsession with football, but as our lovely Giuliana tells us, “To most men, football isn’t a sport; it’s a religion.” I just have to learn to accept that I get a day off from my girlfriend duties once a week, when my boyfriend ceases to acknowledge my existence. Hey…this may not be that bad.

Tip #40 Don’t Always Leave Him With the Bill

Okay, guilty again…BUT…from reading my past entries, I just lost my job (lost/quit…same difference) and am in no position to be picking up the tab on any occasion. I do however believe that a man should always pay, and that’s why I never do. This, I must stop. I know what it makes me look like to a man. I look entitled, and spoiled.  So next time, I know I will be gainfully employed (hellooo vision board!) and I’ll just have to suck it up, pony up the cash for the bill, and give him a break.

Enough about my shortcomings…there are tips in her book that I could have told her about. I’m not all that bad.

Tip #46 Don’t Own a Dog That Fits in Your Purse

My dog will bite your head off.

Tip #23 Never Admit You’ve Slept With More Than Five Guys

Please, even I’m starting to believe that I haven’t slept with more than five guys.  I always tell men, should the need arise that I have to tell him how many men I’ve slept with –which there really is never a reason to tell a man this little tidbit about yourself–just say you can count on one hand (and the other hand, and a foot).

Tip #8 Don’t Be a Finicky Eater

I can chow down with the best of ’em. I tend to get a little cranky when I’m hungry so I try eat till I’m full when I’m out to dinner. Any outing for that matter better include food or count me out honey.

Tip #25 Don’t Admit You’ve Cheated

Doesn’t count if your drunk, and you’re boyfriend is on some exotic vacation in the Bahamas without you.

Tip #26 Don’t Leave Sappy Notes

Barf! Why would you? I don’t even think girls like this.

Tip #34 Don’t Nag Him to Validate Your Relationship

Nothing will make a guy run for the hills faster than this.  Well, maybe a couple of things, but this is definitely up there. Just relax and enjoy each others’ company. Putting a label on your relationship won’t make it feel any different.

Tip #37 Don’t Drag Him Out Shopping

Never. I shop alone.

Tip #52 Don’t Always Drop Everything For Him

I have my own life, and it does not, and should not, revolve around a man. If he wants to see me, I give him the days that I’m free, if those don’t work for him, I guess we won’t be seeing each other this week.  This has actually been working for me because the guy that I’m seeing now doesn’t just ask if I want to hang out this weekend he asks, “am I seeing you this weekend?” because I don’t change my plans for him. When I’m hanging out with the girls, I’m hanging out with the girls.

I’ve had enough of the single life, and I’m ready to settle down with someone. He may or may not be that someone, but I won’t know if I don’t at least try.  Wish me luck!

Shoes Over Booze