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Just to get my darlings up to speed re: my dating life. It went from 0-60 in under a minute! I went from Friday nights munching on Tostitos, and YouTubing ridiculous videos, to choosing between which guy I wanted to hang out with.  Guy #2 came out of no where, and since I wasn’t official or exclusive with either one of them, I kept them both around. Why should I choose when I didn’t have to?

As the weeks grew on, my feelings for Guy #2 grew stronger. I was talking to him nearly every day, and we saw each other maybe once or twice a week. We just wanted to be around each other.  I wish I could say the same for Guy#1. I found myself thinking about Guy #2 when I was with Guy #1! Not good!! I was never really big on dating two or more guys, even though I have no idea how some girls do it. God bless them.

I made the natural choice, I chose Guy #2. We had great chemistry, and we were wildly attracted to each other. I broke the news to His Sexiness, and he seemed to take it pretty well. Better than I thought. I actually had begun to think that I got off too easy. Well, I definitely spoke too soon, because I woke up to two paragraphs of him explaining why he should be in my life, and completely disagreeing with me. This was not a mutual agreement. This was me telling you that I didn’t want to see you any more. I didn’t ask for your input, honey.

Later that day, I told my sister what had happened, and she told me that I was George Costanza from Seinfeld. I asked her to please explain. She told me that this reminded her of the time when George tried to break up with his girlfriend and every time he tried, she would just say no, and they stayed together, much to the dismay of poor George.  I laughed because I had to agree. I tried to break it off with Guy #1, and he vetoed my decision just by saying no! It’s even funnier to me now, because I am still seeing him!

As for Guy#2, we haven’t spoken in a week.  Was I surprised? Of course. We had hung out last Saturday and had a great time with each other. We haven’t spoken since then. After my mind reeled from thinking about whether or not I had said/done something wrong, I had just chalked it up to the fact that he wanted to show me how ‘uninterested’ he was. This was supposed to make me swoon over him, I’m guessing. call me crazy, but I just don’t see the allure in a man who ignores you.  I guess he felt he had begun to show me too much of how he felt about me, that the only remedy to this would be to completely cut communication with me for a little while. Well….I understand his reasons, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to play along. I am getting too old to deal with these little head games.  If you like me, then just say so, and act like it too! If not, then kick rocks! I was fine before you and I’ll be even better when you hit the road. He can take his games and go play them with some other girl.


I’m not into these silly games, so I have to let this one go. As for Guy#1, he’s still around and does not partake in any ridiculous games to keep me on my toes. He does that in other ways. 😉

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