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Ever hear the expression, “Two can play that game.” Well, sometimes you should just let the other one play until they wear themselves out.  I have been dealing with an asshole as of late.  A guy who presumably was really into me, and then out of nowhere, vanishes.  Of course this has happened to me before. My love life is a series of ill-timed maladies that I later laugh about with my friends, and think, “This would make for a great blog post–too bad this stuff isn’t fiction.”

So, it turns out, another one bites the dust, and I’m back to square one. What really bothers me about the situation is how much of an asshole this guy turned out to be. I guess you can never really know a person. He vanished into thin air right around the holidays, and I was sure he would at least say Merry Christmas or something. But I got nothing from the bastard. New Year’s rolls around, and still nothing. I know what you’re thinking, ‘This guy’s an asshole, just let him go and move on.’ I know that, and I know that that’s what  I should do, but you see, I’M not an asshole. His birthday was yesterday, and I didn’t wish him a Happy Birthday or a can’t believe you made it to another year you fucking asshole, or even a Happy BDAY jerkoff text.

I feel like shit that I didn’t say anything to him, because I am not an asshole. He can be an asshole all he wants, but I’m just not comfortable with playing his game.

I don’t know what I should do…It’s not too late to wish him a ‘Happy Belated’ or should I be just as much an asshole as he is? Help!