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My thoughts keep me up at night. No, I am not stressing over bills (even though I should be), or thinking about the days ahead. I am rambling and ranting about absolutely nothing in my head. I go on and on and it entertains me. I think to myself, you may need to see someone, but admittedly its pretty funny stuff.

I am constantly having random thoughts in my head, and most times I wanna bust out laughing, but I don’t wanna look like those crazy people on the subway, laughing for no god damn reason. So I keep it to myself, until now…

In my head:

1. While on the express bus: I’m gonna sit in the aisle seat so no one will ask to sit next to me. They better not or I swear–“Excuse me, may I squeeze in?” “Oh yes sure!” My subconscious: “Sell-out.”
2. Aaaachoooo! Damnit! I forgot my Zyrtec again!
3. Damnit I forgot to take my birth control again!
4. I’m gonna Google ‘Fiscal Cliff’ later.
5. I should stop drinking coffee.
6. I’m gonna Google ‘Caffeine Substitute’ later.
7. Only got 3 hours of sleep? Ugh, I’ll just sleep on the bus. No one better sit next to me or I swear!–“Excuse me…” Oh come on!
8. Rihanna’s an idiot. 
9. My sister definitely stole my Chapstick.
10. Why is this person standing so close to me? 
11. Why the hell are all these people going into the city? That guy has no business being in the city. Gimme a break…
12. That’s not a real Louis Vuitton.
13. She really couldn’t do her hair this morning? Not even a comb through?
14. I hope I don’t get wrinkles. Ever.
15. I hope I don’t have a daughter. I’d make her life a living hell. 
16. Fucking shit man, what’s up with all the ugly people?!
17. Miley Cyrus’ hair is gross, I don’t care what anyone says.
18. HAH! I haven’t thought of that guy all morning! Oh…damnit!
19. I need new pants.
20. Kanye West and Kim K. have spawned. The world is coming to an end.
Never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed. 🙂