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Ahhh...fuck this shit.

Money. It’s a beautiful thing when you have it, and a real eye-opener when you don’t (trust me-I’ve been there).

As some of you know, I didn’t have the greatest boss –a/k/a Lucifer’s spawn–at my last job. She terrorized my life for a good 7 months. How I was able to serve seven months under that witch is beyond me.

I bet you’re thinking: Seven months??! That’s nothing!

Any time spent in hell feels like an eternity. Plus, she crushed my soul a little bit every day. Seven months dealing with that kind of torture does feel a bit drawn out.

But that’s all in my past, and I wish the best for her.  I really do. I’m in a better place now. I like the people I work with, I am treated with respect, and I don’t feel like taking a long walk off a short bridge. It’s a relaxed vibe here. Unlike my last job where you heard loud shrills coming from the boss lady’s evil lair.  My boss rarely ever yells. No, correction, he NEVER yells, gets bent out of shape, upset, or even the slightest bit bothered. Even when the mail room guy comes in hammered out of his mind. He’s still able to keep his wits about him.

My old boss would have had a cow if we used the wrong paper for a transmittal letter. Little things ticked her off. Like the color of the sky, sunshine, unicorns, rainbows, happiness, children’s laughter, or the color yellow. Little things. 

I had no choice but to walk out on that horrible excuse of a job.  I have never just up and left a place before, but when you are crying every day begging for a good enough excuse to walk out, shit, you eventually do it.

I was unemployed for three longgg months, and finally landed here, where my boss is calm, cool and collected. Everyone is nice, and acts like decent human beings. Everything is great. Except for my pay. It’s not what I asked for, and I thought I could deal with it. At first I thought, anything was better than what I dealing with before, I would have worked at McDonald’s for pennies. So, not thinking to play a little hard ball with the salary, I just accepted it and showed up for work. Now I’m counting my nickels and dimes (literally) and making sure I have enough to go on till the next paycheck. It’s horrible to live like this, especially when you get two weeks vacation in the first year, and don’t even remotely have enough saved to go anywhere.

However, there is a little twist to my story here. I never took my resume off Monster, and was contacted yesterday about a very enticing position. It pays hella more, and it’s 20 min from my house. I could drive to work everyday. drive home, and maybe not get home at 7:00 pm every god damn night.  But I’m just not sure if I’ll like it there, or if it’ll end up being a nightmare.

I also like what I’m doing now, and I’m actually thinking about law school. Where I’m at now would, first off, help me in the long run, and they would totally be understanding if I needed some time off to study, or go bang my head against the wall.

The only upside to this job so far is that it’s closer, and it pays way more.

Is being loyal to the people I work for really worth it? Should I do what’s best for me, or stick it out, and hope that I get a massive raise in the near future?

Does it pay to be loyal?