I haven’t written anything in quite a while.  I always hate to leave long gaps between blog posts.  This blog is always in the back of mind.  Nagging at me…”post something…anything!” I love this blog so much.  It serves somewhat as a journal, therapist, and outlet.  I can look back anytime and read old posts and compare them to myself now.  Sometimes when I read an old rant where I was particularly angry that day, I can get angry all over again.  And I especially love reading comments and encouragements from readers.  You guys really make my day every single time. It can be hard to be so open about yourself and darkest secrets, but those of you who follow this blog, or just stumble upon it, do in fact make it easier to share with every comment and like.

So thank you.

Now to the good stuff…or the lack thereof.

Since my last post about an open heart policy, I’ve been wearing my friends pendant everyday, and have no plans in taking it off anytime soon.  It simply means too much. Not only does it reminds me to keep my heart open, it reminds me what an amazing person/friend/sister I have in my life.

So, I’ve kept it in the back of my mind to always keep an open heart, and I’ve been very happy lately.  I’ve been lighter, and more care-free.  I’m smiling more, dancing more, laughing more. I’m in very good spirits because I know that I need to make myself happy first. No one else is going to do that for me.

Not much has happened in terms of my dating life.  I’ve been hanging out with friends, and just enjoying my summer as much as possible. I’ve started my new job which I absolutely love. I really have no reason to complain about anything (surprisingly!).  Life is good.

I need to get out there and start some trouble because this just feels like the quiet before the storm.

I need to be the wild and crazy me that I used to be! Not this old grandma sleeping at 10:30 pm and paying all her bills on time….okay I can be wild and crazy and still pay my bills on time. Let’s not get out of hand here.

I need to get out there and kiss some boys and break some hearts. Fuck it. I’m gonna do me this weekend. I’m 25, not dead.

WIll report back shortly with some juicy details of wild escapades.



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