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I was talking with one of my girlfriends, and we spoke about how hard it is to find a decent guy.  It really is hard.  It’s especially hard when you go down the shore to rowdy bars with girls barely covering their bums.  They set the bar pretty high ::cough::  But it’s the summer and those bars are pretty fun I have to admit. It doesn’t hurt that the drinks are cheap either.

Let’s seriously think about this for a minute.  You’re around girls who are practically giving it away at a bar, where giving it away is normal…do you really expect a guy to want to talk to you when your whole demeanor screams ‘serious relationship‘?

I told her that we were going to all the wrong places trying to find a good guy.  And when we didn’t we’d beat ourselves up because we didn’t try hard enough, or put ourselves out there enough.  But in hindsight, we were doomed from the start. Girls like us don’t stand a chance next to a girl with her midriff showing and ass hanging out of her pants. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

It’s not that these guys didn’t want us, because frankly they would be lucky if they had us, they just didn’t want to put in the necessary work it required to get us. It’s sad but true. Most guys (especially in the summer time I’ve found) do not want to try to get a girl. They just want to get a girl. And another girl. And another.

We came to the conclusion that to get a nice guy we have to go to nice places. So I proposed the idea of going to fancy schmancy place in the city where we could get dolled up, and have dinner and drinks. Just us two. She’s my last single friend. So it’s me and her against the world. We’re attractive girls, and we can attract the best of them. We just have to go where the nice guys hang out.  Venture out into their world for the night. It’s not that we weren’t looking, we just weren’t looking in the right places.

If you want a one night stand, a fling, or a rebound, beach bars, or bars in generally are a great place to start.

But if you’re looking for a more serious relationship then places that have an upscale ambiance, or a quiet enough bar area to hold decent conversations that doesn’t involve either of you saying “What??!!” 30 times. The music has to be quiet enough so you can talk without hollering like a jerk-off, and loud enough so you don’t feel like you’re in a funeral home.

Don’t go to sports bars in the hopes of finding a guy.  They’re not paying any mind to you. Trust me on this one. I’ve done it.  Sure, they’ll look.  They have to seem engaged enough in the game so as not to threaten their manhood in front of their homies, but if they left the game to go talk to a girl they wouldn’t hear the end of it. So don’t even try, unless you’re equally into the game.

Dive bars. Don’t get me started on the weirdos that grace the walls of these places. I mean, you really see the underbelly of society and it ain’t pretty. Again, don’t bother. Unless you like dive bars and are not actively looking.

I hope my theory works, if not at least I got to get all dressed up and have a nice dinner at a nice place. I never do that. The truth of the matter is I’m getting older. I gotta get serious about finding a nice guy. I can’t waste time like I’m 22 anymore. (Damn what I would give to be 22 again)

Shit is starting to get serious.


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