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Jess & Fab eyeing the talent

Jess & Fab eyeing the talent

There is a little show on TV that I binge watch On Demand every now and then. I binge watch now because I’m sort of over scheduling my life around television shows. I’ve realized that that’s madness. This show is relatively new, and it’s a gem. Mixology is about 10 singles and the things they do to find love, and it all takes place in one night at a swanky NYC bar. Each episode centers around a would-be couple, or a group of friends. The show is pure genius. The real geniuses are actually Fab and Jess. If you’re wondering, no, her name is not actually ‘Fab’, she changed it, along with her birthday :).

These two women can put me and my girlfriends to shame when it comes to picking up guys. We look like amateurs compared to these two who have been perfecting their game since high school. I sat in amazement as I watched these two dance into flirting nirvana on screen. I was the grasshopper and they were the masters. I was transfixed!

Liv, a sweet and innocent little lamb, looking for a way out of her mundane, safe life, also watches Fab and Jess in awe. They took her in, and agreed to teach her their ways, and find a nice guy.

Albeit, it’s a television show, but these tips were pure gold nonetheless.

The lessons start with a break down of the types of guys out there. You have the Nice Guy, and the all too familiar Creep. The Creep, according to Fab & Jess, will always try to talk to you. No surprise there.  We’ve all had to deal with annoying, shady looking guys who try in vain to talk to you. They have THE worst lines, and the minute they stare you up and down, a little bit of vomit comes up. Classic reaction. All you have to do is duck and dodge. Don’t let them waste your time. Say no, and move on.

The Nice Guys are the prize. But you don’t just walk up to them and start talking to them. It makes you look crazy. Apparently. In some way, I have to agree. Men like to work for what they want. They want to feel like they earned it somehow. I get it. As an impatient single girl myself, who likes to go after what she wants, I have no problem walking right up to a guy, and sparking up a conversation (with a little liquid courage of course). But then again…can’t say this approach has worked, because let’s face it, I’m still single.

Fab & Jess (Fess? Jab? …no, nevermind) show sweet little Liv, how to get the Nice Guy to get off their asses, and talk to her.

The Four Second Look: Make contact with the Nice Guy of your choice, and hold that gaze for 4 seconds. Try to be cute about it in a non-creepy sort of way. Don’t just stare at him all doe-eyed like he could be the father of your children. Look at him, and smirk just a tad, 1…2…3…4 then look away. That, my friends, is planting the seed.

The Shampoo Commercial: Look, look away, look again…hair flip. It gives you that subtle, coy vibe. You seem innocent enough, but mysterious enough to leave him wondering, and craving more. Honestly, anything with a hair flip is alright in my book.

Sometimes, the Nice Guys need more of a push in the right direction. So you kick it up a notch.

Suggestive Mouth Movements: This could be a little on the wild side for some, and for others, maybe too vanilla (I don’t judge). Now with this you bite your lip, play with your straw, lick your lips suggestively. Basically, contort your mouth to be as sexually appealing as possible. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “I’m not doing that.” I totally get it…because neither am I. Sorry Fess/Jab.

It’s all in the look, ladies. You let him know that you’re interested and he does the rest. If not, then he’s not interested. Don’t beat yourself up over this. There is literally a sea of men out there, so don’t get bent out of shape over just one guy.

Please don’t feel that you have to leave your comfort zone to get a guy. Just be yourself! Have fun. But guys are not telekinetic, you have to let them know you are interested. So go ahead, shoot them a look, flash them a smile, or even a suggestive mouth movement if you’re feeling daring ;).

I know how nerve-racking talking to guys can be, and how flirting can be, too. But I am a glorified introvert, and can feel my heart nearly beat out of my chest when it comes to talking to a guy I like. But remember this, “it only takes 20 seconds of courage to change your life” ( We Bought a Zoo).

Let me know if you’ve ever tried these flirting pointers, or if you can beat Fab & Jess at their own game!


Later Darlings 
::hair flip::