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No it’s not. There are a ton of men out there I have absolutely no interest in. And the ones who think I SHOULD be interested in them, especially piss me off. Excuse me for having an opinion. Excuse me for having likes and dislikes. Obviously, every girl in the world should be into you, and the ones that aren’t, well…they’re just plain kooky. Right?

Since I’ve been going to Crossfit, I’ve been exposing myself to more people, and that means more guys of course. Sometimes this isn’t always a good thing. Not every guy is going to court you the way you think they would/should. Sometimes they come at you hard. Make you think you actually like them. Make you think you’re crazy for not liking them. Like something is actually wrong with you when you dare not to.

Guys like this actually exist. How do I know? I go to Cross Fit with one of them.

He’s a single dad, 40,  not even good looking, really truly not my damn type in the slightest. I was just talking to him to be FRIENDLY. I wasn’t hitting on the dude. Well … he thought otherwise. Obviously when a girl talks to a guy, it means she likes him. Obviously.

The guy follows me on instagram, and starts sending me direct messages, with his number. But the funny part was, there was no explanation attached to the number. It was just out there. Just…here, take it. WTF dude, I don’t fucking want it. Take it back.

But what really pisses me off, is his sense of entitlement to me now based on one conversation with me. Now all of a sudden he deserves a chance with me? Where the fuck was your game? When the fuck did we flirt? When the fuck did you make me feel special you dumb asshole?? No I don’t want your damn number, because there is ZERO chemistry between us, and not only that, but because you didn’t allow any time for the hypothetical chemistry to develop. You can’t just make something out of nothing.

While I was having said conversation with Sean (crazy stalker guy previously mentioned), another Crossfitter was talking to me, too. Since Sean seemed like he was flirting with me and I wanted out of that situation by any means necessary, I just turned around and started talking to the other guy, happily.

I’m sorry, I don’t owe you anything. I don’t have to sit here and talk to you if I don’t want to. Sorry, but get over it.

After leaving Crossfit yesterday, Sean said something that made me want to bust out laughing. I would have laughed if I wasn’t also scared of the fact that he was completely serious.

He told me that he tried to give me his number the other day but homeboy interrupted him.  When a guy calls another guy homeboy, it’s never good. But what’s really frightening is that he really thinks I’m his now. Like homeboy over here was intruding on his territory.  Like he called dibs or something.  Just the way he said it was really scary.

Before getting into our cars, he said he would send me his number through direct message on Instagram. Good luck with that buddy seeing as I blocked your crazy ass. What makes this man think I want his number? Is he basing everything off of one conversation? Is that not crazy? Or am I just being mean?

I’m just going to have to tell this man the truth. I’m simply not interested, and he needs to back off.

People always like to pin girls as the crazy ones, but guys can be just as crazy and obsessive.  Claiming women as their own, who have absolutely NO interest in them. This is madness. Crossfit is where I go for release. Don’t take that away from me. Don’t sully Crossfit for me, because you don’t know that a conversation with a woman is sometimes just that, a conversation.

And guys wonder why girls are so mean to them. Because the one time we’re nice, we get a damn stalker. What fun…

I have not been in the best of moods, and if this guy wants to think he got me like that he has another thing coming. It’s guys like this that bring out the bitch in all girls.

I get to see Crazy tonight. And I get to tell him to back the hell off.  🙂