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An update on my date with my Four Leaf Clover:

You see, I was worried that he would just sit there, and stare at me blankly waiting for me to say something. He didn’t do that, which was a pleasant surprise. But there are some little idiosyncrasies that irk me. I don’t want to say that these things are deal breakers, because they’re not, they’re just weird in my opinion.

For instance, whenever a waiter/waitress or bartender asks him a question, his face loses all expression and he just looks to me for an answer. What the hell? They’re talking to you. You can answer them. Use your words, honey. This puts me on the spot, and honestly sometimes I daze out and I’m not listening in the first place. So double-crap. And on top of everything, it’s embarrassing! Who wants to go out with a man that isn’t assertive, or confident when talking to other people. Or just plain confident for that matter. 

Could it just be low self confidence? I don’t want to give myself that much credit and say I make him nervous, because, seriously, get over it. Someone is talking to you, don’t look to me for what you should say. That’s a major turn off. 

 Another thing, he constantly says “I don’t know.” Really? You don’t know anything? Not a one thing? Form an opinion. Have something worthwhile to say. Again, I find myself straining to keep conversation alive. I find myself rambling. I hate when I ramble. 

Maybe it was a mistake to start this up again. Maybe it’s time to stick a fork in it because it’s done darlings. 

I think I might have to have the dreaded “let’s just be friends talk…” with him. 

This isn’t going to be easy, because I hate letting people down, but if this ain’t working then why am I wasting my time?

Time to let it go.