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Something keeps happening to the guys that I meet. I’m really starting to worry. I’m not sure what to do if this continues. I’m almost afraid to date anyone else because I fear for their safety. You see, they get transported into this 4th dimension somewhere, and I never see or hear from them again. It’s a weird phenomenon I need to get to the bottom of before we lose anymore good men.

You know what’s funny? There’s a tiny part of me that sincerely wants to believe this absurd fabrication. What if some unidentified space ship came down and abducted them all? It would just be a HELLA weird coincidence that it happens to be every guy I’ve dated the past 4 years.  Hey! it could happen!

Well, the truth is they just all ghost on my ass. Poof! They’re all magicians, you see. They vanish into thin air. No good bye, no explanations…just a cloud of smoke lingering where they once stood, and a deck of playing cards lying conspicuously on the ground.

I’m not sure what it is I do to make them disappear, but I would really like it to stop now, please.

I’ve become the 3-date Queen. If a man sticks around for more than 3 dates, and signs up for a 4th it can only mean one of two things:

a) he really likes me and would like to pursue a serious relationship with me somewhere down the line.

b) he’s crazy

Honestly at this point, I don’t think I would mind crazy.

I’m not sure what I do, or why this keeps happening. Am I attracting the wrong kind of guy? Am I doing something to turn these men off? What am I doing??? Please help!

I may just take a break from all this dating stuff. It’s exhausting. I mean what’s the point, really? I’ll meet a great guy, we exchange numbers, he’ll text/call for a week or two, we see each other maybe once or twice and then he eventually vanishes. It seriously never fails. Why put myself through this over and over again?

Could I be a masochist that enjoys the pain? Maybe I feel that if there is no pain, it doesn’t count.

OMG I’m sick!

For all the men out there reading this, I call upon your sage advice. Please leave a comment below. H E L P!