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Nowadays everyone is getting political. If you’re not talking about your astronomical rent, your job, or your dumbass boyfriend, you’re talking politics. It’s no longer taboo. We threw political correctness right out the window on November 8. No one cares to dance around anyone’s  beliefs anymore. This is the world we live now.

Nasty Women everywhere converged in a warehouse in Brooklyn to showcase their art in resistance to the “pussy grabber”. It was beautiful to see so many women and men showing solidarity through art.

A co-worker of mine and I checked it out on a snowy Saturday. Most pieces had been sold and all the proceeds went to Planned Parenthood (they raised $37,000 their first night!), so there wasn’t much to see, but there was a bar! My co-worker wanted to walk around to the other side of the bar to grab a drink there, but I saw that the bartender was quite the looker so I said “Nah, let’s go over to this side. The bartender’s cute.”

On the bar, I saw a sign that read ‘Tamales $7’.

“Is that a drink special?” I asked the cute bartender.

He looked at me, puzzled and slightly annoyed.

Then I realized the stupidity of the question. Embarrassment quickly washed over me. In my defense, it had been a particularly rough week.

“Oh shit…nevermind” I tried to laugh it off, but the damage was done. The bartender was shaking his head in disbelief.

Then he eased my shame by admitting, “Wow. But that was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.  I’m going to post that on Facebook.”

Good Lord, don’t do that! I don’t need my blunders broadcasted on social media and have all of his cool friends tear me to shreds. Jeez! I had a rough week! Lay off!

He showed me his status and was proud of all the likes he was receiving. I wasn’t impressed, but I did want his number so….

“Well, I should probably add you on facebook so I can like the status myself.” (take notes, this is how it’s done, ladies).

“Sure my name is [blah blah blah].”

Cute bartender was requested.

We talked for a bit, then he asked me on a date. We just had our second date recently and it was probably one of the most amazing dates I had ever been on. We talked endlessly about our parents, our jobs, what we wanted in life. He flirted with me so innocently, that I couldn’t help but be taken with him. I wanted to talk to him forever. He complimented me on everything from my hair to my smile. I felt like I was the most beautiful girl there. He’s also got culture! Me being a first generation American, this matters! He also speaks 2 languages and understands mine (although he doesn’t speak it, I still almost fell out of my seat when he replied with a short phrase in Arabic). I’m probably getting a little too excited here, but I really like this guy!

I didn’t want the date to end. That’s never happened before. Usually, I’m itching to get out of there and into my pj’s and turn on Netflix.

Dear Lord, he’s beautiful too. He has the body of an Adonis, but still soft (weird).  And the funny thing is, he WANTS to see me. Like all the time. ???

This is weird to me because I am not used to guys being so available and ready to see me, and admitting to how much they like me. It’s weird! But I’ve learned my lesson and I am just going to go with it (keeping sex off the table, of course).

He walked me home at the end of the night and asked to kiss me…

Perfect ending to a perfect date.

Just go with the flow…


Shoes Over Booze